Why Lady Gaga? Why now?

The internet is all abuzz about Lady Gaga. At least for the days leading up to today. And maybe even a bit tomorrow. Though I foresee Corona taking most of the news tomorrow starting at 2PM. But why Lady Gaga? Why now?

She already performed here in 2009. Why didn’t we protest then? Maybe because her song Just Dance was just telling people to dance. And this time, she became even more popular and decided to be the modern-day Madonna. Judas = Like a Prayer. I Googled the lyrics of Judas, and it makes your skin tingle in that “I am watching the Exorcist / Emily Rose” kind of way. Lady Gaga’s songs are banned in my house. Won’t have my kids listen to that.

Why just Lady Gaga? Why not the other artists who come over and have suggestive songs? Yeah, I agree! Why just Lady Gaga? I think this is the start. People have now found their voice. People can now complain, and be heard. Even if we are called bigots (amazing how pro-abortion people can attack Catholics right and left and call it freedom of speech), we will continue to speak out. Lady Gaga is the beginning. Catholics should not be afraid to speak about what they believe in. But always, in love. What a hard thing to do! At the end of the day, Lady Gaga is an act – an act that needs to push the envelope and go beyond limits to be talked about and be popular – but there is a person behind that act. And we need to pray for her, and hope she realizes what she is doing, and what it is doing to her.

We can go on and on. Why don’t we do something about noontime shows with scantily-clad women? Motels? Prostitution? And on and on and on. True. There are so many ills we need to address. And it will take a miracle to really make a difference with all these issues and problems. But we are moving. And we are taking notice. And we are speaking up. And we are working towards a better society that is based on morals and values. And we are helping solidify the bonds of the members of the family. And we are educating people on the importance of life and it’s defense. Phew. A lot of work, and yes, maybe a miracle is needed.

But miracles happen everyday. Just open your eyes.

I am a father to three kids. And they will not be listening to Lady Gaga’s songs. And I explained to them why. They, even all under 5 years old, understood (well, maybe not the one year old). As a parent, that’s what I can do. Start with myself and my family. But as a missionary, I can do even more. And that is by not being silent.

“In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world.” John 16: 33

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