15 Years of Living the Dream

It is almost 2:30AM. And somehow, sleep has decided not to come visit me yet. I read A Clash of Kings on my Kindle until the battery ran out. I went on FB and Twitter until the updates started becoming few and far between. I even started reading blogs and news. But there was something tugging at me. Something I forgot.

My 15th year. Last May 13, on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima (whom I was able to visit last year during World Youth Day), I celebrated my deciding to become a missionary. I totally forgot. Maybe it was because we were travelling from Israel to Manila. Or because it was Mother’s Day. But it slipped my mind.

I am thankful for the past 15 years. Just like what I said last year. But even moreso now after coming home from visiting the Holy Land. I blogged about everything we did there, and God has touched my life in a deeper way now. I can’t say my personality has changed, or that I am walking on water now – but I know more of myself because of who Jesus was (and is). Now when I hear about His story, I can visualize it. And to some extent, I have experienced it as well.

Coming back home, already prayers are being answered. A father’s healing. A son’s approval. Even Des’ desire to spend more time with the kids before she starts work was granted. And my prayer as well. I always reflect on my past years as a missionary. And I always try to peek into the future for what God has in store for me. Now, I am doing media work, and the keyhole I am peeking through has shown me a lot of avenues for more work. But now, the world beyond the keyhole is slowly revealing itself. There is only a small fraction of the future seen through a hole. When the opportunity comes, it is always better to put a key in, lose your glimpse for a while, and open the door. And I am excited, awed, humbled and scared as well.

15 years I have been living the dream. And who knows what kind of adventures I will face this 16th year of my Missionary life. And maybe that, more than my 15th year, is what is keeping me awake until this time of the morning. And that is good thing.

Your Will be done.

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