Life at the Dead Sea

The last full day we had in Israel was one of the most fun. Though we were rushing to places and were more hectic (it was a Friday, and there were more tourists and pilgrims), the time at the Dead Sea was great. In the morning though we went to a couple of places first.

The Chapel of the Ascension. On the top of the Mount of Olives is a small Chapel where the rock where Jesus stepped on before ascending into Heaven is. The rock is just there on the ground, not even encased in anything. And supposedly there’s a footprint. Check it out if you see it:

Inside, it was dark with a stream of light coming through the window.

I just had to take my own Ascension picture. It’ll happen in the future, when Jesus comes again 🙂

After there, we made our way down the street to the Pater Noster Church. This is where Jesus taught His disciples how to pray. I love the Our Father. And “Your Will be Done” has become sort of a motto for my life.

Here’s the Our Father in Aramaic.

And our creative shot while waiting for the other pilgrims, He he

We then made our way by bus to two more sites near each other. The Upper Room where the Last Supper was, and the Church of the Ascension of Mary, where she slept and was assumed into Heaven. Of course, I told Des to take a picture there for her old work place and for the school of our girls. 🙂

The alley that leads to both places.

In the Upper Room

Dormition Abbey, what they call the place of the Ascension of Mary

And then we made our way to the Dead Sea. It is the lowest place on Earth! And the rivers lead into it, but nothing is released. Water is just evaporated. So it is now 30% salt and has so many other minerals in it. The mud, they say, is good for the skin. And true enough, my skin got smoother after rubbing it all over. I tasted the water, and it is nasty!

You can only stay 20 minutes in the water, or else it will be hazardous to your health. But that is enough time for the wonderful experience. You really float, even if you don’t want to.

It was a great way to end our trip. Having fun after all the praying and walking and reflecting. Just as everything should be. Don’t forget to have a little fun in life 🙂

Thank you, Lord for this experience. And thank you too to Mahir and Tamar for guiding us the whole week. Shalom!

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