Knowing who I AM and I AM at Mount Tabor

Today was a very sunny day. I can’t say hot because the breeze is nice and cool. But since we were outdoors most of the day, now I have a sunburned face. But who is complaining? 🙂

We went around Caprnaum today with trips to two mountains as well. I have so much information stored in my head because of our guide Tamar, Fr. Gustilo and dad. But I’ll only share what I can. I’ll leave the rest for when you go on a pilgrimage here. Whenever I go to a new place, I think about how long it took Jesus to walk from place to place. Well, places aren’t that far. Nazareth is near Cana. And near the Sea of Galilee. And Capernaum is a boat ride away. Jerusalem is the far one, so that would probably take him more time to get there. He must have been fit 🙂

In the morning we went to the this site of Peter Primacy and Mensa Cristi. Peter Primacy because it is where Jesus told Peter to feed His sheep. And also Mensa Cristi because that is where Jesus cooked a meal for them. After His resurrection, the disciples went back to fishing and caught nothing. Jesus appeared and told them to fish on the other side of the boat (they say that the area has 7 springs. 5 are cold and 2 are hot. So people think the disciples were fishing along the 5 cold springs, when they should have fished along the hot springs), and they caught fish. And when the disciples went to shore, Jesus had a fire burning with fish on it. The rock where Jesus cooked is still there… the fish isn’t though. Peter knew he was a fisherman. But what he needed Jesus to remind him was that he was a fisher of men!

Then we made our way up to the Mount of Beatitudes. Where the Sermon on the Mount happened. Just five minutes (by bus) from Peter Primacy. They don’t know the exact place where it happened, but this has the best acoustics from top of mountain to valley for 5,000 people  Do you know your beatitudes? Again, knowing who we are and who we should be!

We then took another 5 minutes and boarded a boat on the Sea of Galilee. More or less, that’s what Peter’s boat would have looked like. We spent an hour on the boat, with calm waters. And no, I did not try to walk. In the afternoon, looking at the Sea, the waves were acting up. And in the evening according to them, it really acts up. So you can see that the storm must have been real. Could I have walked on water? I would think about my weight, and the clothes I am wearing…. I don’t think I would have made it one step. Maybe I need more faith.

We had lunch and everyone had St. Peter’s fish. I had St. Peter’s chicken. Thank God for the manok ni San Pedro.

After lunch we made our way to Capernaum. We saw St. Peter’s mother-in-laws home where Jesus and the disciples stayed after they were thrown out of Nazareth. Yes, Peter had a mother-in-law, but the Bible isn’t about Peter. So we don’t know much about his wife. Again, KNOW who the Bible is about.

Right beside the home of Peter is the synagogue. Where Jesus also taught and read Scripture. So near His home! Like any neighborhood Chapel. Capernaum is empty now. It was cursed by Jesus, and now no one lives there.

Lastly, we drove an hour to Mount Tabor. The buses can only go up halfway. Then you get into these small vans and they bring you up steep zigzagging roads. Like Kennon 🙂  I can imagine why the disciples fell asleep while waiting, because the climb is killer. On the top of the mountain is the Church where the transfiguration happened. Where Jesus appeared with Moses and Elijah.  Where God the Father spoke about Jesus. Amazing. Moses, Elijah, Jesus, God the Father, Peter, John and James. All in one place. And now with us as well. Jesus was proclaimed to be God’s chosen Son. His identity. His mission. And just like Jesus, our being alive automatically gives us our identity and mission as well. We all have something to do in this world.

I know who I am. And I have been affirmed by this day. By the fishers of men. By our “be-attitudes”. By knowing I AM. All this leads me to be even more convicted in my own “i am”.

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