Renewing Love in Cana

Today was an exciting day for us. We were all told to bring white for our renewal of wedding vows at Cana which would happen at the end of the day. Of course, being me, I forgot to pack anything white. Good thing I got to borrow a shirt from Carlo.

Side note: The food here is crazy. Buffet meals, and when not buffet, HUGE servings. I am gaining pounds by the DAY! Crazy!

We went to Mt. Carmel first (about an hour by bus from Tiberias). It was the place from the Old Testament where Elijah went on a “duel” with hundreds of prophets of Baal. Where Elijah wet his offering with water, and then asked God to light it, and God did. As opposed to hours and hours of worship to Baal by the prophets… and nothing. The obedience of Elijah in just doing what God wanted him to do.

From Mt. Carmel you see the fields of Jezreel. The very fertile valley of Israel. That’s where Gideon and his army of 300 defeated the Midianites abd Amalekites. I tried imagining the battle while looking down at the valley. That must have been an amazing site. Again, the obedience of Gideon to God, even if he was hopelessly outnumbered. And he won.

From there, we went to Nazareth. And went to the house of Mary. Mother Mary. The one we love deeply with all our heart. We actually saw where she lived! Not exactly a house, more like a limestone cave. But we were just a few feet from it. Now there is a two level Basilica above it. It really is a mix of excitement, awe, and imagination for me visiting these places. And I have to pinch myself that these are the places where the Holy Family moved, lived, breathed, spoke…. everything.

About twenty steps from Mary’s house, we have Joseph’s house. They were really neighbors! There is a Church above Joseph’s house as well. And all that’s left of his home is the grotto and work area he had. The grotto was a blessing to Joseph because that place is a desert. And so water was scarce. Do you think he and Mary met while she was getting water? Maybe so.

Obedience of Mary and obedience of Joseph. Getting into something they didn’t truly understand. But did it because God told them to do it.

From there we had a healthy and hearty lunch. Italian food. With pasta as an appetizer. Hello, pounds!

Then we made our way to Cana. By bus it is only ten minutes away. Walking, like what Jesus and Mary did, it would take a couple of minutes. Down the mountain of Nazareth, then up the mountain of Cana. The Church in Cana is down a small alley. You’d definitely miss it if you didn’t know where to go. Jesus obeyed His mother. The people obeyed Jesus. And His public ministry started.

We were able to have Mass at the Church, and renew our wedding vows. What a blessing. Des reminded me that I told her we’d renew our vows at 5 years. That was last September. It may be a few months late, but blessed nonetheless. Us and 23 other couples participated. Can you imagine that at our reception, Jesus would have been there?

It was truly a day of OBEDIENCE. Not only renewing our love, but also seeing the examples of Obedience from people. And using that as an inspiration to also be obedient to God. Everyday. All the time. I hope I can be just like them all.

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