Purging in Israel

(Nothing about killing here….)

I suppose it is just right for my physical body to get ready for the pilgrimage as well. I had stomach issues this whole day. I went in the house, at Schiphol airport, even on the plane and again in Guiron airport. My body is purging. Or maybe I’ve been eating too much cheese.

The AMS-Tel Aviv flight was turbulent. But it was a red eye flight so I was fast asleep. Unttil, of course, the steward started shouting “Fish or Pastaaaaah?” PAL should offer “Chicken or Pork” and then when you choose, it ends up as Tinola or Dinuguan. In this world of so many choices, plane food remains untouched. You still don’t know what you’re going to get.

People clapped as the plane landed.Just like Pinoys coming home. I guess Israelis really love their country. Or they are just happy not to have been shot out of the sky by their neighbors. Is that why the flights are after dark?

All the government stuff went smoothly. As opposed to what we were told. And got our taste of taxi fare robbery! Oh taxis that overcharge. At 3AM, what can you do? Now at Gilgal Hotel in Tel Aviv, and now the pilgrimage really starts.

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