Padillas take Amsterdam

We spent 3 full days here in Amsterdam en route to our pilgrimage in Israel. All 9 of us (no grandkids). And when you get 9 Padillas in one place, with each other all the time, you get chaos. Good chaos, though.

It was a wonderful idea when my parents broached the idea to us. Why not tag along on the honeymoon of Carlo and Lil? And just make it a pilgrimage as well? And since we pass Amstedam on the way (yes, long way), then stay a few days first.

So Carlo and Lil got married a week ago. And we all left last Tuesday. When we left Manila it was still searingly hot. But the night of our departure, when we were in the air, it started to rain already. So hopefully when we get back, it”ll be much cooler.

relics of St Clare at NAIA! What a blessing

We had a stop over in Taiwan because KLM doesn’t fly non-stop from Manila to Amsterdam anymore. Blame Noynoy and his ridiculous airline policies. In Taiwan we had a few hours to walk from the plane to the gate and check the internet, FB, messages, Tweet and look for the ever elusive milk tea. Which we didn’t find. Try again on the way back.

Then we took the 12 hour flight to AMS. I slept for about 4 hours. I watched a couple of movies, and finished The Game of Thrones (book). I aim to finish the next 3 books before reaching Manila. I am hooked. I know there are 3 more not yet even written. Am I right? So expect to be hanging for a couple of years.

AMS greeted us with cold weather. LOVE IT. And it just got colder as each day went by. Today, as we leave, it is a freezing 8 degrees Celsius.

We rented a house for us to stay in. And the day we left, the owner of the house left for Manila. We should have offered our house so we could stay here for free. We had a full first day (and yes, I did not take a shower. It’s cold. Sue me.).

We had burgers named Fat Boy and Hot Chick. We went on a Canal Cruise.

And we went on the Heineken Experience… I am not a beer drinker. So I didn’t enjoy the beer all that much.

We went to the grocery and bought stuff for dinner which we just ate at home. And by 9pm, everyone was knocked out.

Day 2 brought us to Keurkenhoff. The Tulip fields. We spent 5 hours there. Seriously, 30 minutes was enough for me. We got to eat delicious steak for lunch and dinner. Walked swiftly though the red light district. And even got to do a little shopping. I was knocked out (again) by the time we got home.

Which brings us to today. It was freezing. So lunch outdoors led to jumping family shots, and then an early afternoon at home. Hiding from the cold. And now, here. At the airport, waiting for the flight to Tel Aviv.

I am ready. I am ready to walk the land where Jesus walked. Just thinking about it… I cannot comprehend. I cannot even grasp the immensity of that. Going to the same places where Jesus, Joseph, Mary, the Apostles… everyone we read about. Everyone we follow. Everyone we honor. Amazing. I am blessed and humbled by this opportunity.

The Padillas took on Amsterdam. Now we go to Israel not to take it on, but to be taken over by the reality of our Saviour. Here we go.

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