I Just Can’t Wait to be King

That’s the catchy song from the Lion King. Where Simba sings and dances as a young cub dreaming of the day when he can rule everything and have no rules apply to him.

And that’s the way I think sometimes as well. When I give talks or presentations. When I hold meetings and brainstorm sessions. Sometimes I catch myself wanting to be congratulated. Or basking in the adulation of the people. Or being proud of myself and what I have done. And that is always the struggle we all have to go through.

Having this life – going to places, giving talks, meeting people – you can get caught up in all of it. You can think that everything revolves around you. And that things won’t get done if you aren’t part of it. It definitely can get to your head and mess around in there. But, it isn’t about that.

Jesus shows us the right way in the Gospel today. He fed 5,000 men with barley and fish. And there were leftovers at that. But what did he do after? Did he wait for people to come up and thank him? Did he bask in their praises? No.

“Since Jesus knew that they were going to come and carry him off to make him king, he withdrew again to the mountain alone.”

It isn’t about us. We are here to serve. And we are here to proclaim a message. And if we confuse people by letting them focus on us instead of the message, then there is something seriously wrong. We need to make sure that people see beyond us. And that we keep ourselves in check – go up to that mountain and gather ourselves. Purify our intentions. And make sure we are still being true to the calling we have received.

I don’t think I want to be king. But I just can’t wait to be with the King.

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