Yes, Moving Again

“What? Moving again?” Franko seems to be asking the question everyone is asking. Yes, we are moving again. After more than a year living in Pasig, we are moving out.

I visited the blogs I wrote when we moved the last time. The first one was about packing on a holiday. What a coincidence. We are going to start packing today – a holiday. Though what I did notice is that I didn’t write why we were moving. But then again, no one asked 🙂

When Des and I got married in 2006, we lived here in Pasig. Soon after Des got pregnant, and we were invited to move to Antipolo. For a starting family, that was a good deal. We were able to get help with… well, everything. Sabine was born, and Aida too. It was a fun time. The whole extended family was around as well. But, as they got older (though not teenagers yet), our one room place got smaller and smaller.

So we decided to take that leap of faith and move to a two-bedroom apartment in Pasig. I wanted my kids to have their own room. And living near my work wasn’t so bad either. I love being fifteen minutes away from Starmall. I can wake up at 8 and still be at work by 9. I love it. Franko was born and Des moved jobs to Makati. I get to bring Des every morning to work and still be home before the kids wake up. And a plus for us, my mother-in-law even moved in with us. And so we had a LOT of awesome help.

But there were things that I still missed. I lived in Antipolo for almost my whole life. And yes, I miss the quiet. And I miss the clean air. I miss the serenity. But those are things you have to give up to live in the city. Now I am actually used to cars zooming by along C5 and Lanuza. And the different aromas of the city. We adapt. I once told someone that life is change. We have to be open to changes all the time. Never get too attached to anything. Or else you’ll go crazy because you wouldn’t be able to cope with life. Life is all about change.

Now, we are a family of 5. The kids are growing up FAST. Sabine started school. Aida is so independent. Franko just turned one. Our two-bedroom apartment suddenly is so small.

Don’t get me wrong, I am ecstatic that we have this place. As a missionary, I don’t think I would have ever been able to afford this place on my own. And so I am extremely blessed to have this. This is a manifestation that God takes care of those who work for Him. And another sign of that is I am also extremely blessed to have another option.

So here it is. We are moving back to Antipolo. Yes, back to the mountains. And back to having to travel an hour or so to work everyday. Back to traffic. And back to signal-less cellphones.


Because it is better for my family. And at this stage of our lives, I have to think about them more than my own comforts. Clean air will be good for them. And some quiet. Instead of the zooming of cars from C5 (our apartment is so near that highway). A bigger space. And eventually a room for the girls and a room for the boy. A prayer nook which I desperately need. And even better opportunities for Des’ work and the kids’ school. Des will start work in Antipolo, and Sabine will go to school in Antipolo. Both less than fifteen minutes away from where we live.

A blessing for our growing family. 🙂 I told Des as we were praying about making this move, that if we did move, this would be it. We are staying in Antipolo. Growing our roots and letting them embed in the soil. I remember the CFC FFL Conference from 2 years ago when we answered: “Do you believe I can do this for you?” And really, God has done (almost) everything for me (still except for the twins).

I am anxious about physically moving all the stuff we have. But I am more excited to let these roots of mine feel the soil of Antipolo and start clinging to them. And then, who knows how the Lord will use us next. 😀

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