May 2012 Elections

…. ok elections are in 2013. But with the news coming out ABOUT the elections, you’d think they’d be next year already. Binay is gearing up with UNA. And then Noynoy will have his own. I think this is going to be interesting because the current VP will have a better slate than the current President.

Let’s take a look at what has happened before (especially in the Senate):

1992: This had a whole slew of Political Parties and the whole Senate was up for grabs. The LDP had the most winners (16). And other parties were NPC (Danding), Lakas-NUCD (Ramos), Liberal-PDP-Laban, Nacionalista (Laurel), KBL (Marcos), PRP (Miriam), PMP (Erap)

1995: 12 seats up for grabs, and there were two major coalitions. Lakas-Laban (made up of LDP, Lakas-NUCD, Nacionalista and PDP-Laban) vs. NPC (made up of NPC, KBL and PRP).

1998: 12 seats again and more coalitions: Lakas-NUCD-UMDP vs. LAMMP [Laban ng Makabayang Masang Pilipino] (made up of LDP, PDP-Laban, NPC, PMP).

2001: 13 seats with 2 major coalitions: People Power Coalition (made up of Aksyon Demokratiko, Reporma-LM,  Lakas-NUCD, PDP-Laban, Liberal) vs. LDP

2004: 12 seats with 2 major coalitions: K4 [Koalisyon ng Katapatan at Karanasan sa Kinabukasan] (made up of  Lakas-CMD, Liberal, NPC, Nacionalista, PRP and KAMPI) vs. KNP [Koalisyon ng Nagkakaisang Pilipino] (made up of LDP, PDP-Laban and PMP).

2007: 12 seats with again 2 major coalitions: Team UNITY (made up of Lakas-KAMPI-CMD, Liberal (one side), LDP and NPC) vs. Genuine Opposition (made up of Liberal (the other side), PMP, PDP-Laban, NPC, Nacionalista, KBL and Aksyon Demokratiko).

2010: 12 seats with no more major coalitions. Everyone went at it themselves – though Nacionalista and Liberal had the most complete slates. KBL, Lakas-KAMPI-CMD, Nacionalista, Liberal, PMP, Ang Kapatiran and Bangon Pilipinas.

Now we get to 2013. Binay is getting a coalition together – United Alliance – with PDP-Laban and PMP. And maybe NPC, LDP and Nacionalista (and even Lakas-KAMPI-CMD). Which will leave Liberal alone. Interesting to see what will happen.

This is a good judgment on Aquino, as his own party will be the weaker party coming into the mid-term elections. And Binay’s party will probably sweep everything. Shows that everyone is already looking toward 2016 when we will have President Binay. This is also a clear response on Noynoy’s noynoying.

Some realizations… almost every election, we have 2 major coalitions. Why not just get into a 2 party system then? Party stands will be clearer, and we get to develop loyalty and platform of government. We see it anyway all the time with the Administration Party and the Opposition Party. And it will happen again and again and again. Makes no sense having twenty parties and then have them merge every elections – and merging with different people no less.

I still like the popular vote, and not the complicated system the USA has. But we need to develop solid public servants with solid stands. And having them jump every elections just shows we are not there yet. So get ready to elect the same old people, promising the same old thing, and ending up doing the same old… nothing.

At least it’s entertaining.

It’s hilarious to see that what we stand for is: TO WIN. And that’s it.

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