Hunger Games should be re-titled to Hilo Games

Des and I watched Hunger Games last night.

Yes, I have been very vocal about my comments about the addiction people have about the Hunger Games. About how it glorifies teenagers killing each other for sport – even amidst the backdrop of fighting against injustice. Does killing really justify itself when you do it for a greater purpose?

But I did read the books, and so we decided to watch the movie as well.

1. Stick to the book. This is the case with every movie stemming from a book. It always looks better with your imagination. Nice to see characters on the big screen, but I liked their reactions and the scenery better in my mind.

2. Take bonamine. They must have gotten the same cameraman as Blair Witch. Because what was up with the shaky movie? I got dizzy after the first 5 seconds! You’d think with a big budget like that, they’d afford a tripod.

3. Don’t bring the kids. Ummm parents, this movie has kids killing kids. Like hacking them with axes and swords. Stung to death by wasps. Struck with a lance. Eaten by dogs. Come on. Don’t bring the kids. Unless you want them to get ideas.

4. Go with solid views. I was really bothered by all the killing. And as I said earlier, killing doesn’t really justify a nobler purpose. Make sure your teenagers are solid in their views about that before you let them watch – because they will watch for sure. Better have a talk with them. Don’t want any crazed teenagers in school hacking their enemies like they saw in the movie.

5. Watch Battle Royale. If you are really into it, watch the original. Google it.

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