To the Underachiever, all is not lost!

I got Sabine’s “report card” for Kinder the other day. It wasn’t really based on tests or anything like that, but more of their participation and attention. She had a slew of A’s and B’s, but she did get a few C’s. At first, I was concerned. How could a 4 year old get C’s? Is that possible? What did we do wrong? Did we send her to the wrong school? Was it too early? And all these other white-hair causing questions and concerns.

And for a minute, I wanted to confront her (my daughter) and go through each line where she got those C’s. But then I remembered. I wasn’t such a good student then, either. I had grades worse than C’s. In fact, I had number grades in the 60’s! And barely passed Grade 5. And 6. And a few other grades and years.


I wasn’t stupid. I wasn’t problematic (well, maybe a bit in regards to this card above because I transferred schools and teaching systems). I was just learning. And sometimes it takes more time to learn some things as opposed to other things.

And along the way, we do learn. And we find out what we like. And we excel. We even become competitive – because we know what it is like to “fail” and we don’t want to do that again. And it isn’t even “failing” but the thought that we could do better. And we CAN do better if we just put our heart, soul and mind into everything that we do.

And that is what I am teaching my children. It is ok to get letters or numbers on a piece of paper that may or may not meet the standards of society. But it is not ok to do things without giving your all. And giving your best, every single time.

Because at the end of the day, we can take photos of our grades and laugh at them. But we can’t take photos of missed opportunities and we definitely can’t go back and re-live life. So we need to take every opportunity and give our best in everything we do.

Sabine went to a big school interview the next day, and passed with flying C’s. Flying colors. 🙂 I am proud of you!

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