Des and I just arrived from a weekend in Singapore! Sounds flashy and expensive? No, just all budget airlines and friends who really took care of us.

The main reason we went was to watch WICKED! So we flew in via Tiger Air (also Seair) through Clark in Pampanga. It was cheap, and we got to park at the airport (P90 per day). But they fail to mention that you have to pay travel tax and the high terminal fee. So we ended up paying more than we expected. Well, it’s budget.

When we got there, MM met us at the airport and brought us to our hosts – that’s the beauty of having a community. Wherever you are, you have family. Whether they know you or not. And from there, we met up with Eloi and our three-day ROMANTIC ADVENTURE began.

I have to give awesome credit to MM and Eloi. They really prepared a lot of stuff for us to do! We went to Sentosa, went on the Luge, went on the cable car, watched a sound and light show, went on a Segway, ate so much food and saw so much sights. And on the second day (yup, that was only the first day) we went to Universal Studios, saw the Titanic Exhibit and went to watch WICKED ( I LOVE WICKED)!

On the third day we went on the DUCKw tours, on the Singapore Flyer, had a feast for lunch, and Ikea. Just writing it all down makes me exhausted! I have no voice, my legs and feet are killing me. I can sleep three days if I just lie down… but that was the best weekend ever. 🙂 And with such good friends. Des and I will be remembering this for a loooong time, even forever.

It was good for Des and myself to be with ourselves too. With the hustle and bustle of three kids, you sometimes need to take a sidestep and just spent a romantic weekend together. 😉

Everything (well, except the intense heat and humidity!) went like clockwork. Until we had to go home. Singapore didn’t want us to leave! Our budget flight was delayed 6 hours! I understand, it happens. But Tiger Air, an email telling us about the delay would have been nice. We could have gone bowling, or could have watched a movie!

The flight home was a bit turbulent. And when I got to our parking… voila!


It took me (ok, ok and a handy helper) one hour to fix it. I was lying on the floor. My hands and arms were greasy. Well, there’s a first time for everything. And why do they have to make changing a tire so complicated?! Took us a good thirty minutes just figuring out how to get the spare. But, all for the best.

We had a wonderful weekend (pictures up on FB soon). And God gave us the chance to go around Changi airport due to the delay. He had us arrive late because of the flat – more people were around to help out in the morning when the airport was less busy. And we got to come home safe and sound. And Des made it to her appointment.

How to end a blog about a perfect weekend? Why, through a line from Wicked, of course:

“because I knew you, my life has changed for good.”

For my wife Des. For our friends MM and Eloi. For our community CFC FFL Singapore. And for God who made everything happen, and continues to make everything happen.



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