Dare to Live!

We spent the weekend in Tagaytay with 4 other families. We shared food, the kids were running and playing all over the place, and the dinosaur, horse and tiger were climbed on. It was really a wonderful time for young, start-up families of good friends. I suppose that is one aspect of Daring to Live. Daring to commit yourself to someone in marriage, and also daring to have children. Because you know that you’ll have to be responsible for the rest of your life. It’s daunting, if you let it get to you. 20+ years of school, kids turning into teenagers, feeding everyone everyday. If your head is not in the right place, and especially your heart too, then you’d definitely live in fear and anxiety all the time.

But God is good. And as long as we follow Him, He will not forsake us. That is a message that everyone learned this weekend at the SFL World Singles Congress. It was in Silang, Cavite, a good thirty minute drive from where we were staying, but well worth it. Even if I am not single, the talks did touch me. And the workshop I gave ended up being an eye-opener for me as well. A lot of people out there ARE scared. And a lot ARE hurt. And a lot DO NOT want to take chances anymore. But how can that be? When life dictates that we be brave, that we heal and that we have courage.

There really is no other way to live.

We have to dare to live everyday. Especially if we are living a life that God has called us to live. Don’t get me wrong, there are days when you know you have no money. Or nights staying up thinking about the future. Or panic and anxiety attacks about if you chose the right path. But, when you get right down to the core of it all – God is taking care of you. He always has. He is. And He always will.

And that soothes anything.

Dare to live! Be brave! Heal! Be courageous! And just live each day as God makes it – perfect in Him. So be prefect, just as He is.

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