Astonishngly Superb time at Wil Time Big Time!

Yesterday, I got to go to the studios at TV5 to watch Wil Time Big Time live! But before that we had an eating-full afternoon. Lunch at Trinoma, dessert at Red Mango and then a pre-show merienda at Pizza Hut. Wow that was a FULL afternoon. I was with tito Ed Yamba (Country Servant of the USA) and a bunch of fangirls (haha) – my mom and her household-wives, and we were all going with tita Cynthia Villar.

It just didn’t occur to me until the pre-show preps (the emcees singing, the instructions, the DJ reminders) that we would have to dance! Papaya and Pechay came out and started teaching everyone the Kendeng-Kendeng and A-Go-Go. I was horrified! Ha ha. My armpits started to sweat. But hey, when in Rome. I just hope the cameras didn’t catch me. We were on the second row behind mom and the fangirls.

The show itself was awesome. Loud music, high energy. And even during the commercial breaks there were dancing and other activities. Not a dull moment! You don’t even feel the three hours go by. The games were fun to watch live. Though it is kind of sad to hear that most contestants “pangarap” was to be on the show. And then they lose and you see them so sad on the sidelines. But hey, it’s a game show. You win or you lose.

The stories of the contestants made me teary-eyed now and again. And there was this laugh trip couple who went together – the guy is courting the girl, but the girl likes his friend. It was so funny how they admitted it all on air.

We went home with smiles, jackets and pictures. And that’s how you make a winning show, I believe. He got me hooked. I can’t wait to watch tonight’s show on TV!

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