CFC and Xavier

There’s something about Xavier School. We had our Seniors Assembly there last Sunday because Poveda had an event. And it was, again, monumental. I remember the last CFC event we had there. I was in red and three people resigned from the then CFC Council. Eventually it led to the restoration of CFC as CFC FFL. And yesterday, we were back.

I was rushing in the morning, but if I had time to think, I would have worn red again… just for old times’ sake. 😉

Yesterday’s assembly was much more different than that assembly we had many years ago. This time, it was a celebration of a new direction. An electric excitement in the air. Red faces because of uncontainable joy. And, though scary, we know that it is the right thing to do.

I guess that’s one of the benefits of having a leader with such a distinct charism. You know he is leading us the right way. Even if we do not understand right away, we trust!

I am excited for CFC FFL and Live Christ, Share Christ. It is stage 4 in the history and development of CFC. And maybe being in a school with the namesake of St. Francis Xavier, the missionary, just shows us that he is looking out for us and our missionary endeavors.

(PS. What is Live Christ, Share Christ? What is stage 4? Ha ha so many questions! Check out

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