Mercato in The Fort

Would you believe that last night was the first time I went to Mercato at The Fort? I know it’s been there forever, but the un-NightOwl in me just doesn’t want to go out at 10pm at night just to eat. It goes against all the rules of losing weight. Eat at night. Stay up late. Sleep full. Sounds like a bangungot waiting to happen.

We went after dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday. It was our whole family. As in everyone (except my brother in the US). So from my dad all the way to the youngest, my nephew Giovanni (you have to say it in a sing-song kind of way… Gio-VA-nni, Gio-VA-nni).

It is Lent, and it was a Saturday, so I stayed away from what I am fasting from. I just had two Mochis, chocolate flavor (SO GOOD). I never liked Mochi until Des forced me to try one. Now I have to have some more. And I had a taco, but it was too spicy for me. And bottled water. If I hadn’t had dinner, I would have tried more food. But I was already full.

After roaming the stalls and people-watching, we all ended up on the street… just hanging out. A perfect moment, if you ask me. Our whole family hanging out. The guys were playing plastic bottle soccer, the girls were playing tag (and then plastic bottle soccer) and the rest were taking jump shot pics. I don’t have jump shot pics… but I have random pics:

Aida drinking her strawberry shake and checking out the boy at the table beside ours

The Padillas on the street

Pole hugger

Aida running after the soccer “ball”

Making their own playground

It was a special night, for sure. đŸ™‚ Changes abound, but when family is together, we can conquer anything.

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