ImageThis is my latest food obsession. CORN! The corn stand was discovered a couple of weeks ago within Starmall. And now, we (well, I) have one almost everyday. They smother it in butter and salt and it is yummy. Good for that afternoon craving of something… anything to eat.

BUT, of course, everything in moderation. I am 36 and I do need to be better with myself. Though my Eastern medicine check-ups have been kind to me. One manghihilot said I am fine, I am just “dambuhala” (extremely large) and I need to lose weight. One ‘blood-lettor’ (not acupuncture) said I was fine too. I just need to exercise. They both did those diagnoses by feeling my fingers and looking in my eyes.

Last night, we brought the kids to the pedia, and they might have health issues too. They all took skin tests. And their yayas will have x-rays.

Just now, I got an email from my parents too. We are all getting older. And we need to be healthier if we want to serve more and harder and faster.

Maybe a change in living environment really is in order. Pasig is way too dusty and the air is too unhealthy. Back to the clean air mountains? Maybe. A lot to think about while I bite this cob.

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