Back to Bacolod

I seriously do not remember the last time I was here. Was it ten years ago? I am here now with Tinay, tita Maribel and Fr. Melvin for the JP II conference on Nuptial Theology. Which is funny because the time World Youth Day was held in Manila, I left Manila to come to Bacolod. I wasn’t very active then, obviously. Now, I come full circle. I am in Bacolod to celebrate JP II.

JP II is a big deal here because he visited here in 1981. More than 30 years ago! So this week is JP II week here, and there’s a big Family and Life conference. Which is why we flew here. I am blessed to be here.

So we took the noon flight (though delayed an hour ON THE RUNWAY! I didn’t feel it coz I was sleeping the whole time)… and is it me or has the space between rows become smaller? I couldn’t even squeeze my backpack to get under the seat!

We got to Bacolod even through the rain (though while we were airborne, the rain stopped, thank God). And checked in our places, and went to lunch with the del Corros. Thank you to Monsi! Even if you weren’t with us, we thank you. Tee-hee. Wait til you get the bill. Here’s what we ate (I know…. but how could I resist? I am still full until now).

I had the molo which was big enough to be a meal. And the medallion of beef which was SO GOOD. With the cream sauce, even better. Tinay copied me. Tita Maribel had the shrimp wrapped in something. And Fr. Melvin had pinakbet.

I saw the Papal Nuncio’s van outside so I had to have a picture with it. It could become a third class relic! And then we went over to the Opening Mass (pictures are on Facebook, of course) and the Opening Dinner. I am having fun with our little delegation. Here’s to more fun (and learning) tomorrow!

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