So Busy.

I have been crazy busy these past few days. FLiQ Media work is really taking off, and I can only imagine where else it will lead us. We have 15 projects all going on at the same time! Some are our regular work like HOM, MDP, the websites. Some are projects for departments within the community. And some are even outside the community – big and small.

I can’t really complain. When we started this last year, we told God to use us. We’d be open. We’d be willing to learn. We wouldn’t complain. We’d just really do and give our best-est. And He is really putting that to the test.

It’s different from pastoral work in the ministries. We don’t do campus visits, conference talks, household meeting visits. We do brainstorming sessions, pitch meetings, creative thinking exercises. But our pastoral training and experience helps us with the message we try to convey.

I am so busy. Definitely. Sleep is getting shorter and shorter. And I don’t see that trend changing anytime soon. But I really can not ask for more… well, more work maybe. 🙂

Thank you God. For always answering our prayers.

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