Listen. Speak. Cuddle.

Marriage is hard work.

People think that you prepare for the engagement. You prepare for the wedding. But you also have to prepare for the marriage itself. The day to day life with someone else. Someone who can be so different from yourself. You prepare for mood swings – your spouse’s and your own. You prepare for differences in big things and even the small things. It definitely is not easy.

It takes a decision to love. Everyday. Love is a feeling, yes. But you won’t always be feeling the giddy-love. You have to decide to work it out. Decide to love because of, in spite of and even without. That’s true love.

But aside from deciding. Here are three things that always work. They help.

1. Listen. Even if you are tired. Or if you’ve heard the story before. Or if you aren’t remotely interested. Listen. Because it is important to her.

2. Speak. Because it is tiring when she speaks and speaks, and you don’t say anything. She wants to know what’s on your mind as well. I don’t think it will be as detailed or as passionate as how she speaks, but your voice should be used even once in a while.

3. Cuddle. Yes, marital sex is awesome. Anytime. Anywhere. No guilt. But sometimes, it’s not about that. It is about the embrace. The kiss. The cuddle. And that can always cure even the biggest of fights.

Marriage is hard work. But like all hard work, the payoff is worth it. Everlasting love.

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