8th Missionary Conference: The Missionary Body

From Sunday to Tuesday I attended the 8th Missionary Conference in Cuenca, Batangas. I remember the very frist one which we held in Bayview Hotel along Roxas Boulevard. It started with an Amazing Race all around Metro Manila – even Quiapo Church! It was good fun. The others were good too – Baguio, Pampanga (just a bit over-crowded), Antipolo (thrice!) and Batulao.

It started for Missionaries of the Youth Ministry, then moved into Missionaries of the Young Ministries. Now it is generally for Young Missionaries. Over time, we all moved from the youth to other young ministries. Then from there into different ministries altogether. So we changed the name so we can still be part of it.

This 2012 we focused on the Head, Heart and Hands of a Missionary. It is always good to reflect on how we are now (individually and as a group) and see if we are still being true to what a Missionary should be like. There were a lot of tears, a lot more laughter and a whole load of fun.

Aside from the usual Amazing Race, we also had Minute to Win It and an EPIC DANCE COMPETITION! Watch the dance here (follow the links):

I want to join the dance next year. We are thinking of going Glee (well, without all the promiscuity and pro-death themes). In any case, I will be there again next year for sure.

Next year, we all go to Iloilo! It will be a challenge for everyone but it will definitely be worth it. Halong!

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