What I learned from Elie Aguila

A good man was buried this morning. I wasn’t there at the funeral, but I was able to go to the last night of the wake yesterday. Elie Aguila was a loving husband to Tita Doc Juling – our kids’ pedia. He would always make sure we had food when we went to bring the kids to their house for check-ups. He knew (somehow) that I don’t eat fish, so he would have bread, ice cream and at some times, even pizza for us.

He liked chatting and finding out what was new in our lives and in community. He would always have a smile on his face and concern for everyone who passes through his doors. He is the father of 4 amazing children. 2 of whom are full time pastoral workers. EJ for the Live Pure Movement, and Joy for Youth for Family in Life. EJ goes around the world spreading the message of chastity and purity. Joy goes around spreading the Good News to the young. He is also the dad of Enrik and James, who are also extremely active in YFL. Just the fact that he allowed two of his children to work fulltime says a lot. We don’t get paid much (and we don’t get into this for the pay), so he knew that this was a calling from the Lord that his children had to follow.

He took care of everyone who passed through his hands – youth, singles, couples. His home is a perennial half-way house for missionaries and international guests. He is generous to everyone. And everyone has something great to say about him, his family and their relationships.

All that I learned from tito Elie. Love my wife at all times. Take care of my children and make them love the Lord, and give them the courage to follow Him. Value relationships, and help those who need help – whether they know they need help or not.

It is good for good men to pass through your life and make an impact. And tito Elie, you have done that in my life and the life of my family. Thank you. We’ll watch over tita Juling and your grown-up kids, especially when our kids go to your house for check-ups.

And this time, it is our turn to bring the pizza.

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