Corona or Aquino?

I have an earlier post on this Corona mega-event here.

The Corona impeachment trial is now underway. It is actually good TV for weekdays at 2pm. You get comedy, stupidity and drama all in one. It is a temptation to stay home and watch it, instead of going to work. Or at least, keep my Twitter open to see the news feed on it.

I am not for impeachment. That’s clear. I don’t think Congress and Presidents should come up with cockamamie reasons to oust someone just because he is not deciding in their favor. That sets a BAD precedent for any future Supreme Court justice. They will be in constant fear of impeachment – look how easy it is! – if they don’t toe the line with the existing President. So where is the autonomy and independence then?

And this TV show of a trial just affirms me.

The Prosecution is…. terrible. They look unprepared. They are bungling even the simplest of things. I am sure every lawyer in the Philippines is shaking his or her head in exasperation. They are shaming the lawyer name. Good thing Serafin Cuevas (who looks like a Simpson’s character), is awesome. He may be ancient, but he can go toe-to-toe with those young inane Prosecution lawyers.

On Day 2 they (Prosecution) wanted to start with Article 2 instead of Article 1. They admitted they weren’t prepared for Article 1. And eventually revealed they wanted a postponement. SERIOUSLY? Why did you file a case if you weren’t prepared to prove it? Where does that happen? File first, find evidence later?

Their SALN evidence apparently are all computer generated. Really. Come on. Any 5th grader can make up something like that. They blundered so much that it took Senators Drilon and Pangilinan to save their arguments. Talk about delicadeza. Drilon and Pangilinan are so yellow they look like 2 Big Birds. And speaking of delicadeza, didn’t Congressman Angara think to inhibit himself since his dad is a Senator? Does this mean they don’t see each other and talk? Because if they do, isn’t that persuasion? I mean, would Angara even vote against Angara?

Then the other day they admitted that they charged Corona with ill-gotten wealth and whatever without even seeing his SALN. They just “heard about it”. Can we file cases based on gossip now? Because if we can, then I have quite a few cases I can file due to

Oh man. This is a ride for sure. The Prosecution is flailing and failing. But of course, media spins it and you’d think they were doing an awesome job.

With 6 re-electionists and a President dangling “pork” over the Senators’ heads, we need to pray for the truth and sanity to win out in the end. Media is a powerful tool, and with it deceiving the people, it will be hard for Corona to win. 6 re-electionists won’t vote due to the merits of the case. They’ll vote the way public opinion swings so they can get re-elected. We can only wish the Prosecution keeps up their pace and people wisen up to how everything was rushed, made up and media spun.

If Corona does get ousted, then watch out Hacienda Luisita farmers. Watch out other Supreme Court justices. Watch out non-Liberal Party members. Watch out Binay. You all won’t be far behind.

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