The “Yaya Chronicles” continue…

It is everyone’s struggle, well those who have yayas, to find one who you can trust enough to take care of your children and your home. We’ve been through so many already. Some quit after a day, others after a few days, some had personal issues, a lot we sent away because they fight us or the children.

Our yaya who has been with us from the start was supposed to leave. But thank God she decided otherwise. She is going on a month-long break and will be back. In the meantime, we have 2 others who are personalities in themselves. One of them apparently will be leaving in a month – and hasn’t told us. And the other’s previous employer used to beat her up and starve her. How terrible! She is recuperating, and we hope we can help her out in that. And maybe even teach her how to read and write. Hard to imagine that there are people out there who really take advantage of the less fortunate.

We just need to keep persevering and praying that we find yayas who love our children and want to grow with them. But, that’s not easy. And the Yaya Chronicles will continue.

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