Old, Fast.

My kids are getting older, faster.

The eldest is now 4-going-on-5. She plays with boys. She likes watching cartoons where the leads kiss (we have to say that they are married). She loves ballet. She doesn’t like “normal school”. She would drop normal school for ballet school. She, in her own words, “loves to talk, and talk, and talk.” She likes playing online games. She has an opinion about anything, watch out: “Why are you so fat?” “Your feet are so stinky.” “I don’t like that.” etc etc.

She will be going to “big school” next year. And it is all grown up from there.

Our second is 2-going-on-3. She recently started speaking (she didn’t feel like it before), and now, well, we can’t shut her up. She likes eating. She likes choosing her clothes. She likes make-up. She wants to go to school already, but we won’t let her yet. She likes playing with her ates friends. She doesn’t sleep beside us anymore (well, she sometimes doesn’t). Yesterday, she went up to Baguio with my parents. Just her! First time any of my kids decided to go alone. And she didn’t miss us. We would call her, but she would be too busy to talk.

She’s already so independent. I want to tell her: “You are only 2 years old!!!!”

Our third is turning 1. He is soooooo rambunctious. He already wants to stand up (he does) and walk. He wants to be part of what is going on. He loves eating. He is just getting so big already. In fact, the shirt he is wearing above is what his sister wore when she was almost 2 years old!

Thank you, Lord, for my children. They grow up so fast.

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