“Do whatever he tells you.”

Sometimes we are called to be followers. In this case, all the time. Followers of Christ.

After reading that Gospel in particular, a question popped into my head: “Did he know when his time would start?” When Mary asked him to do something at the wedding, Jesus said that his time had not yet come. But when he did something, his ministry started. So did he really know when everything would start? Was he putting it off because he knew how it would end? He was fully human, too, after all.

God used Mary to bear his son. It would make sense that God again used her to be the catalyst in starting Jesus’ ministry. And that start was to tell everyone to “do whatever he tells you”.

We need to do that to be healed. To be saved. To be happy. To be content.

The start of his ministry is true up to this day. I am a follower of Christ because I do whatever He tells me.

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