A Word for 2012: Trust

It’s amazing what happened to Mary. An Angel appeared to her telling her she will conceive even without being married. And she obeyed. Joseph wanted to leave her, but changed his mind. She visited Elizabeth and again her divine motherhood was affirmed. They had to travel miles and miles to end up in a manger. And after giving birth, shepherds came and affirmed her that she had given birth to the Savior.

And she kept and pondered all these in her heart.

But how did she feel after? If that happened to me, I would expect my son to start doing miraculous things off the bat. Did Mary feel awkward that Jesus wasn’t doing any miracles? Did she doubt the messages and Angels? Did she look back and think it was all a dream? Was she pressuring Jesus to do something, anything to prove He was the Savior?

I don’t think so. She probably waited and trusted the messages she was given. She molded her Son and taught (homeschooled) Him in things He would need for life. She prepared Him in living, so that He could bring LIFE to others.

For 30 years she waited, prepared, prayed, pondered. And when Jesus started His ministry, she was prepared as well for what was to happen. And so we see her as a pillar of strength and courage at the foot of His cross.

That’s what we must do as well. Trust in the messages of God for us. Because God has this wonderful plan for us. And while we wait for the full picture, we ponder, pray and prepare for it’s coming to fulfillment.

Happy 2012.

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