2012. The end of the world.

They say the world will end next year. 2012. Catastrophic end. Just like the movie. So if you haven’t bought your space in the ark being made in China, you are doomed.

With that in mind, I am doing my new year’s resolutions. Whether the world ends or not, we should be a better person everyday. Every day should build on the previous day, so you are a better person the following day.

So aside from God and Family, here are my resolutions.

1. Be healthier. Eat better. Stay away from soda and fast food (as much as possible). It is just more expensive to do that, because there aren’t that many healthy eating places. And homes aren’t used to cooking healthy stuff. But I am 36 and not getting younger. I even have white hair on my chest!

2. Exercise more. When I went to Madrid for WYD, we walked for miles under the scorching heat and through millions of people. I never felt healthier. I can’t recreate that, but I do have to do some sort of exercise. I don’t want to look like a pregnant woman for the rest of my life. 🙂

3. Work harder. I am addicted to me work, yes I know. But I need to work even harder. And be a better workhorse. I have to sleep standing up because of it. I want to be MVP (I am a groupie. I buy everything with him on the cover. Ha ha).

4. Invest / move into my house. I want a house and lot. I don’t mind living in the apartment, but there is a certain charm and lure of having my own home with a garden. So this year, I have to make that happen. Hopefully, here in this area still.

And last…. (if you have too much, there are more chances of them not coming true)

5. Make the most out of that Israel pilgrimage. It’s a once in a lifetime thing. I am going to research like cuh-razee.

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