The Top Personal Stories of 2011

Last year I made my top ten personal stories.

Another year, more stories!

1. Franko was born! Our third child, our first boy. Every child is really a blessing. And he brings so much joy to our lives. And he is spoiled by his two ates.

2. World Youth Day. Yes, I am 36 and married. But I wanted to experience a World Youth Day COMPLETELY. From beginning to end. Sleeping on floors, walking in the heat, squeezing through millions. And it was ALL WORTH IT. Life changing. I don’t know if I’d do it again in 2013…. but I won’t say “I won’t”.

3. FLiQ Media. My new assignment πŸ™‚ Taking care of all the media needs of CFC FFL. And a looooot more. It is keeping me busy, inspired and challenged.

4. Sabine started school! And I get to bring her to school. And pick her up. Almost everyday. That is a blessing that not all fathers have. And I am blessed to be able to do it. We talk and sing in the car. She talks about “Jack” and I get to share her ideas and questions. Priceless.

5. Aida Talks! She was a late bloomer. We even went to a speech therapist. But, she just didn’t want to talk. Then, suddenly, she started talking. And now won’t stop! Sometimes you wonder why you prayed for it…. ha ha just kidding. Society really pressures us and our kids when we don’t need to be pressured. Everyone just has their time.

6. Des started work! Des was hired in a school. It is a huge change in our lives now that she has work everyday, set times. But we know it is for the children. And it challenges Des too. I get to bring her to work everyday too. Though instead of sharing stuff, we end up listening (and laughing) to Chichi and Gigi…. and at this time, I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.

7. Real Catholic TV. These two girls (above) and I spent three weeks in Michigan interning with Michael Voris and the RCTV gang. We got to work at their studios and even shoot a few shows. It was a jumpstart to our media work.

8. Mama now lives with us! Mama is a blessing to our home πŸ™‚ She keeps the kids (and Des) in check. And she helps us get everything in order. Welcome home, Ma!

9. Yaya Chronicles. It never ends! I think we had 4 yayas this year. Matet who stayed a whole day. And was crying the whole day. Aiza, her cousin, who stayed overnight. Then walked out during Mass and almost didn’t come back (she just didn’t know how to go anywhere, and so came back). Cristy who fought everyone and screamed at my kids. And now Liza, who is a good fit. Though our long-time yaya Jocelyn is leaving by the end of this year. So the Yaya Chronicles will continue.

10. Ad Congress. The 4 of us FLiQers went to Naga to attend the Philippine Ad Congress. The speakers were educational, the food was good and the parties were wild. I learned a lot (this year was a lot of learning!) and it was good for work πŸ™‚ Though I don’t know if I’ll attend the next one… too expensive!

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