Oplan: Eliminate the Monarchy

What is going on in the Philippines now is disturbing. It’s not that anything happening is new… it is just that what we know of how politics works is being played out in front of our eyes – and blatantly obvious.

We know that Congressmen jump political parties and go with whoever is in power or is popular. Now it is with Noynoy, next elections it will be with Binay. They go to where they get TV time, popularity and money. We also know that the President can use pork barrel to get Congressmen to do what he wants. But to do it so blatantly… and mind you, stupidly? It’s an insult to all of us Filipinos.

Congress allies of Noynoy denied he was involved. Even his own spokesperson denied it. And then he comes out and says he is behind it. We know politicians lie… but do they have to do it so obviously?

The impeachment was passed in an hour! Come on. With so many Congressmen over 60, do you think they can read that whole file in less than an hour? People just signed. Without reading. Without asking questions. Without being accountable. And they represent US? Is it any wonder why there are so many controversial laws and decisions? Because no one in Congress reads! And to think …. wait, they don’t think either.

I’ll take exception to a couple who are standing out. I love Cong. Mitos Magsaysay. Fearless! Even Cong. Toby Tiangco. Standing up for the truth. I mean, sign and don’t ask questions? Why would any educated Congressman, who promised to serve his constituents, do that?

It’s terrible. I know that Congressmen are like that. But again, to see it so blatantly paraded in front of us is an insult.

Then you have the most powerful man in the country attacking the Chief Justice. For a decision that was made by the whole court? It’s childish. There are better ways to fix the country. Like, actually working. Promoting jobs. Spending money on education. Fixing roads. Getting investments. But running after GMA and Corona? There are processes to make that happen. And you don’t even need to rush them. What you DO need to rush is to SERVE THE COUNTRY. Or have you forgotten that you are there to serve the people?

I am not hiding the fact that I hope CJ Corona wins this battle. I will not teach my kids to be bullies, but I will also not allow them to just lie down and be bullied into submission. NO WAY.

This President is a bully. Bullying Congressmen to sign without reading. Bullying them with pork barrel and committee assignments. Bullying the Judiciary with rushed accusations and quick sound-bites. Bullying everyone by thinking we are too scared to have an opinion, or to say anything.

At the end of the day, when the Bullies think they have the power to do anything and everything they want…. we all know what happens.

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