Babies = End of Career?

Ok, by now everyone has watched Mo Twister’s controversial video. I actually don’t believe it. Mo has been hinting on Twitter for days that he will be fighting back. And then the video leaks the night before he was going to leave for the US. And now he is staying for a few days and even going to have a tell-all on Paparazzi. It just reeks of a publicity plan. All at the expense of someone else.

Now, if it IS true, it is even worse. Why would you video yourself and then “forget” to erase it before selling your equipment? Something this sensitive, and currently experiencing, you don’t forget. It is awful.

But that isn’t the point of this blog. The point of this is that local showbiz people are always hiding the truth. They deny being in relationships until they have a tell-all about their break-up. They deny getting married until they are spotted pregnant. They deny getting pregnant until it is obvious. Deny everything.


Is being in a relationship going to end your career? Or is getting married going to turn off fans? Or is having a baby a vote-loser? Do they think their fans are so ignorant that they cannot separate what is real from reel? It is one thing to have a pretend love team and have all sorts of publicity stunts – but that is just for show. To make the audience giddy and excited. But we know that it is for show. You are entitled to have a life outside your work.

If you are a great actor or actress, then go live your life! People will still watch your movies and shows because you are a great actor / actress. What people DO NOT want, I believe, are people who are not good examples.

People who jump from one relationship after another releasing explicit videos and pictures. People who get pregnant out of wedlock and deny it. People who have affairs with married men. The Pinoy audience want good examples for their family. And when they see that you are not like that, then that’s when the backlash occurs.

Otherwise, if you are living a life striving to follow your conscience; and if you are making good decisions that will help your family and loved ones, then you have nothing to fear. We will support you and make your career progress.

There should always be a line between your career and your “real” life. Keep some privacy. Don’t share everything to the world. There are some things that you need to keep to your inner circle. Or else your family suffers, and you become a topic of conversation and opinion to society, when you shouldn’t be (“Love, love, love!”).

In the end, live a life pleasing to God. It’s really the only way to live.

Let’s end this on a high note, by watching this:

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