22nd Philippine Ad Congress: What your party says about your company

There were a lot of parties. Each meal had a sponsor, and their own way of getting people to stay, thanking the ad agencies, and trying to be fun. Here’s a rundown of what I think their party said about them.


The first dinner. The opening salvo. The set up was nice… the stage that is. But when you know you have more than 2,000 people coming, you’d think you’d provide more tables. We ended up getting monobloc chairs and sitting on the sides. You’d also want to have more than 4 buffet tables. Lines were LOOOOOONG. And all through the night. The program was good, the dances were ok, but the stage was in the middle and you hardly could see it. So what does it say about SMART / CIGNAL? They don’t think about the details – like seats to delegates ratio. Buffet tables to lines ratio. Stage visibility.


The Inquirer lunch was fun. They had nice loot bags made with local fiber. And they had local produce as their give aways. They gave awards thanking their advertisers, and they showed their statistics and where their company is going. They were prepared! I like the fact that newspapers had a big presence. Either they see the need to promote themselves because they know their paper business is in peril, or they want to show us their diversifying interests. LIKE.


The TV5 party was …. raunchy. They gave away 3 cars and a Mini. They had their actors and actresses come out, but most of them just paraded on stage and nothing else. And the rest of the time they had almost-naked models go around and serve drinks. They had people on poles. It was raunchy. I think they are just trying to use “Sex” to sell themselves. With no care. Just money. Terrible. Sayang. The saving grace was…. Nora Aunor.


They hosted a breakfast, and they were smart. They had a raffle in the evening, but only open to those who attended the breakfast. iPhone 4. They knew the time was short, and that people were sleepy, so they served good food, introduced themselves and just had a lot of good fun. Very sensitive.


A major lunch! They took a page of the TV5 raunchy party with their almost-naked models. And they gave away loads of prizes. And loot bags. It was fun as well. And they, like the other newspapers, made a show of what they are still doing. I honor these three papers. They came to play.


Now this was a show. They had their actors and actresses. Singers. Dancers. And they performed. And stayed. And they really took care of their audience. There was a mix up with prizes, but they delivered even after the Ad Congress. I honor them, even if I am not a Kapamilya. I had fun, and felt special. they know how to do that.

GLOBE TELECOM. Nothing happened. Just breakfast. And 2 looping videos. What? Nothing? Come one. You are losing your place, and you do nothing? Sad. I should shift back to Smart.

No GMA party. Did they think they are number 1 so they don’t need to do anything? I mean, maybe thinking giving away cars and loads of money is too much, but don’t you want to form some sort of bond with advertisers and other media outfits? Something called goodwill? I guess not.

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