Homeschooling on my mind again

Our eldest, Sabine, has been going to school for the past few months. Daily school from 10:30AM to 1:30PM. She doesn’t complain, and I think she enjoys having classmates and a teacher. She celebrated her birthday in school. She talks about her classmates, but she also talks more about one classmate in particular – maybe a school crush this early? She also went to an earlier daycare before she started school, and she enjoyed that as well. She had ballet classes over the summer, and she actually says she would rather take ballet than go to school.

Our second, Aida, went to Gymboree for a few weeks, and thoroughly enjoyed it as well. I have to say it helped her get out of her shell. She loves picking up her sister from school, and if you ask Aida, she wants to go to school already.

But, school is expensive! And they seem to be so busy! Sabine has had a halloween party, a science project, a “world” project and a pet day (where we had to buy a pet) in the last few weeks. And in the next few days she has a field trip, a class play, a class Christmas party, a Christmas party with parents and an assessment. And all that has fees included – and stress as well (both for us and Sabine). In fact, Sabine’s hair thinned out during the first few months of school due to stress or lack of calcium. That could be attributed to a lot of factors, but maybe school everyday was one of them.

She’ll enter her second year of pre-school (out of 3 years!) next year, and costs range from P60,000 to P100,000! And she isn’t even grade one yet. And we have 2 more kids just raring to start school as well.

So, yes. Homeschooling is again in our radar. We thought of it before we got Sabine into school, even attended some sessions with homeschoolers, but then decided to go the “easy” way. But it doesn’t seem so easy anymore. Now, Des is seriously thinking about it. She has a whole-day job, and that takes her away from time with the kids, and I am sure that is hard on her. I have to work as well, and leave the kids at home (good thing my mother-in-law helps out). Is that how it should be?

We are on research mode again. I am drawn to Kolbe because of it is Catholic content. But maybe it is also because I don’t really hear about any other kind of homeschool provider. I asked DepEd about accreditation and all that, and they replied (quite fast, mind you), with their memos on homeschooling. I haven’t read them yet. I hear homeschooling is cheaper, takes less time, but takes more commitment from the parents. And of course, you’ll have to deal with what everyone else in Pinoy society will say about you.

I just had to put this blog out there. Maybe some amazing homeschooler will drop by and leave a comment. I don’t need to be sold on the idea, I just need to see that it works. 🙂 Not for me, but for my kids.

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  1. Hey Xavs! 🙂 Hope you don’t mind my commenting, though I’m no “amazing homeschooler” yet! 😉 First, I just want to say that considering homeschooling as not just an education option for the kids, but a LIFESTYLE option for the whole family, is truly commendable, and worth praying for, and researching about, and discerning about! 😉

    No wonder Des e-mailed me a while back about homeschooling. I replied to her but she never e-mailed back, maybe she was too busy 😉

    Anyway, for starters, maybe you’d like to read these articles: (with a powerpoint show about Catholic homeschooling that I did for our homeschool group)

    We’re using Catholic Heritage Curricula ( as our core Kinder curriculum now, but supplement a lot with other stuff. Admittedly though we’re quite eclectic and somewhat “irregular” in our schedule since I am still out of the house at least 2x/week.

    We’re also praying about Kolbe, and Seton ( as they are both solidly Catholic and very Marian for grade school. Both have Kinder curricula though in case you’re interested. 😉

    Through the ROCKERs homeschool group (which you are now a member of, since Ate Dindi added you, hehe), I have met lots of more experienced homeschoolers, who are more than willing to share their experiences and tips. 🙂 It has been a HUGE blessing and I often get my encouragement to keep homeschooling from them! 😉

    So yun.. Haha! Pretty long comment huh, more like a blog post actually! LOL! 😉 Hope it helps though. Will keep you, Des and the kids and your discernment in our prayers 😉 Let me know how else I/we can help 😉

    P.S. I’m curious about what DepEd has to say about homeschooling. Do you think you can forward the memos they sent to my e-mail add? It’s 😉 Thanks bro! Godbless!

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