Yes Retreat, No Surrender!


I just got home from Tagaytay, and it does feel good to be at home. Though the cooler (cold!) weather in Tagaytay is missed. One hour away and such a change in climate. Here in Manila, it is HOT!

The weekend was wonderful. All the servant leaders of CFC FFL came together, and under our retreat master Fr. Gustilo, we were all able to re-visit the Good News of the Lord to all of us. And see where He is personally leading us.

The call to me is BALANCE. The picture above is my drawing during one of the sessions of the weekend. I think we are all called to balance. It is hard if our lives are too tilt-y towards one, and we neglect the other. Everything is balance. And that is what I must start doing with my own life.

Thanks you, Father, for this wonderful weekend. I needed it. And I daresay, we all needed it.

Some entertainment (sorry, I just had to put this here, even with no connection whatsoever to the retreat):



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