Video Shoots and Me

Yesterday was a hectic day. I came home dead tired. I think when you start actually implementing what you’ve been planning for months, it drains you. The adrenalin, the excitement, the frustration – all that goes up and down through your system and by the end of the day, poooooped.

Started off by bringing along Aida to our first video shoot. Picked up Tinay, Cocoi and Gay. Then met up with Chinka and Loloi. HEART OF THE MATTER episode 1. It was refreshing to have my parents interviewed and hear their answers. Looking back over 40 years and seeing the relevance of today. I won’t spoil it. It should be out by Monday. Check the FLiQ FB page and the FALU site. But here’s a sneak peek at the team:

No pictures of me. By this time I was sweating like a …! I was supposed to carry one of the lights (yes, we do manual labor, no funds to buy equipment yet! Fund us!), but after 2 minutes, it was too hard! So we put a ladder on a couch and taped a mic stand to the light. I wonder how that will look to future guests when they see it? Note to self, buy light stands.

After that shoot, went to meet my lower Household of SFL. I won’t divulge what we talked about, but get ready world, here they come!

And then met up with the FLiQ team again for the second photo shoot. MODERN DAY PROPHET with Cocoi. Went to EDSA Shrine to shoot the first episode. We were supposed to shoot more in Starmall, but who knew you needed permits for an amateur video shoot? We even got called into the Security Office. Ninong Manny will hear about this! 🙂 Here’s a pic from our EDSA shoot (thank God the rain stopped for a while):

At that point, it was already getting dark. So we postponed the rest of the shoots for today. Ended the night with the last session of our Christian Life Seminar. I loved the past 9 weeks! And am excited for the new community members we have 🙂

Today, more shoots and then off to Baguio for LivePure. I love the busy-ness, but I’d like to be handed Grande Coffee-Fraps (no whip) every now and then even without me asking for it. Can I ask for a PA?

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