Teach and cure.

These few weeks have been a reminder of what we are put on this earth for. At least a reminder for me. We have been commissioned to teach and to cure. Maybe in layman’s terms and in missionary terms that would be to evangelize and to do good works.

I have been good these past few weeks in striving to do both.

We are two weeks away from the end of the Christian Life Seminar we are conducting. I am a Discussion Group Leader. It has been a loooong time since I actually handled a group in a CLS. It feels refreshing! I should do it every year 🙂 Stress notwithstanding, it is awesome.

And for doing good works? I have been going to our different Restoration Villages after Typhoon Pedring. And today, just got back from a relief operation in Bulacan. And it always gives me a reality check when we do things like this. And it does feel good to help.

Thank you Lord. Teach and cure.



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