Pedring destroyed Navotas area

Today I went to the Work with the Poor site in Navotas. We were actually there a few weeks ago to do a photoshoot. Today, we went back, and all the places we shot at… are gone. Swept away by the strong waves and wind brought about by Typhoon Pedring. It is heartbreaking, actually. But the resilient Pinoy is to be admired. They are still smiling through it all.

I had to borrow slippers to wade through the flooded parts, and then now, where a house used to stand, are piles and piles and piles of garbage. The house is gone.

The people are now in Schools for their shelter. But they need help. Basic necessities like clothes, food, utensils. Help them, please.

Donations can be brought to our office at Apartelle 12, Starmall, Mandaluyong City.

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