Pedring, you’re a monster.

We stayed home today. Not by choice (though we didn’t complain). Typhoon Pedring brought so much rain, work and classes were cancelled. We knew Sabine didn’t have classes since yesterday (and even until tomorrow). Des, we found out she didn’t have work, by 6am.

The electricity went out at about 6am. But it was really cold (we live in Pasig) and windy, that we all hardly noticed. We even had to bring out the thick comforter blanket. Lights came back on at 9am. And that’s when we were able to watch the news and check the internet and see just how much devastation Pedring brought.

Roxas Boulevard got flooded! The waves and high tide contributed to it, and it made things bad there. The US Embassy, the Kids Museum, Hotel Sofitel all got flooded. No news on Ocean Park and SM Mall of Asia. Though I am sure they experienced just as much as the others – maybe they just have good PR Guys to keep them out of the news. Even Baywalk got destroyed with the pavement breaking. Gosh.

Malabon and the other places there are flooded. I hope the village we visited during WWP is ok.

Marikina river is also rising. I think they are having forced evacuation now. I really hope Ondoy-like flooding doesn’t happen again. Pray!

Now, the rain has started again (well, it didn’t stop but it got lighter). Now it is heavy and strong. And high tide is coming as well for the coastal areas. We need more prayers and better preparedness systems. We have to learn someday.

Two more typhoons coming. One tomorrow, and another on Saturday. Pray for us.

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