Peanut Butter Co. in Katipunan. Ok food. Slow service.

I LOVE peanut butter. And my kids do, too. So i was excited to hear about the Peanut Butter store. After our sportsfest (which is another story entirely), we went over there to get something to eat.

The store is nice and metallic. I didn’t like the Lady Gaga videos on the screen, especially it showing the Judas video. How can a peanut butter store be showing a video of anti-religion?

The prices are too high for peanut butter sandwiches. For a half sandwich  it can go up to about 150 pesos! For two pandesals, P55! What the…. so I did think the food would be awesome.

Unfortunately, I had the Peanut Butter sandwich, and it tastes the same as what we have at home. Either I make a mean sandwich, or there is nothing too special about theirs. And this was after waiting about 30 minutes for the order to be brought out.

The good side, though, is the Peanut Butter milkshake is yummy. So go for that, not the food. The food is way too expensive and does not live up to the taste.

I bought a P55 jar of peanut butter to bring home, the white chocolate one, but it didn’t impress my family either. Oh well.



  1. Their food is horrible. Whoever came up with the concept of putting peanut butter in all their entrees should be declared persona non grata. HOLY COW! Just one bite was enough for me to gag and hurl. Imagine putting peanut butter in roast beef? That is unthinkable. I will never ever ever ever go back there again nor look in their direction. The funny thing is there are still people who go there. There is no accounting for bad taste…

  2. I agree with you, it’s the same of what we have at home. 2 tasty bread and slather with peanut butter and they charge you P150. No really effort there. Maybe that’s why their SM City North is closed already. Kare-Kare is the only food that has peanut butter in it.

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