If people judged us by all the mistakes we’ve made in the past, everyone would be in jail.

What do you know, the water pipe in our house is fixed. It only took one day.

I had a PTA meeting with Sabine’s teacher and she says that Sabine is highly creative and imaginative. Very polite and caring. She really is her dad’s daughter. 😉 Just like me!

I also went to Ateneo today to get my transcript. The last time I studied was 2001 – ten years ago! And apparently, I have unpaid fees!! Would you believe that? So now I have to find money to pay that off, and then pay my current tuition. Lesson? Pay your dues.

I had a bunch of one to ones today as well. And some lessons for all of us:

1. Don’t judge people because of their past. That’s why it’s in the past. Maybe mistakes have been made, but we won’t know if people have learned from them if the past is always brought up. Give them a chance to prove their past… gone.

2. Don’t hide anything… it shows you have nothing to hide. Live in the light. Once you start lurking in the shadows, everything goes downhill.

3. You don’t have to broadcast everything to everyone. What matters is you, your family, your good friends, your elders (in community). Everything and everyone else will fix itself eventually. Just be patient, loving and understanding.


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