Calcium concerns

What a day.

I am looking at the positive side of everything.

A water pipe in the house burst yesterday. The apartment below us had their walls leaking. So they think it is from one of our pipes. It makes sense though, since our water bill is ginormous. So tomorrow, they will look for the break in pipes. Maybe have to open up a wall. And then take up to three days to fix it. 3 days of no water! Yikes. Good thing it is the weekend.

Aida has an allergic cough. It may be from smoke. Or powder. Or any other allergens. She is now on medication. And we have to put a no-smoking-sign on the door now. 😉

Sabine lacks calcium. Or her shampoo is too strong. Or, worse, she is stressed. She has thinning hair on some parts of her head. I hope it is either the calcium or the shampoo. How can we deal with her being stressed if she goes to school?

Oh stress. Oh stress. And I got 1.5 on my paper. Oh stress.

Oh no my hair might thin out too. Better mine than hers.

More one to ones tomorrow. And a bunch of activities this weekend. Stay positive, Xavy.

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