More Spanish Food.

I have had these pics on my laptop for some days now. And it’s time to post more Spanish food! During the WYD itself, we were deluged by Bocadillos and fast food. So this is as Spanish as we got.

The two dishes were all meat. The one above was a mix of pork and beef. Just cooked the usual way. And the sausages on the bottom were of two kinds. The kind we usually eat (the reddish one) and the other one was sort of like Pinoy dinuguan.

I love their tomato salad. Not cooked, very fresh! With onions, bell peppers. The liquid above it is gazpacho, a cold, raw vegetable soup served in drinking glasses. It was yummy, actually.

Beans. Cooked via steam, I presume. I didn’t get to finish my bowl though. Too much beans!

Empanadas, fried squid calamari and cheese filled croquets.

FIGS! So that’s what they look like. You peel them, and eat the inside. I actually didn’t try them. Sorry! I am not courageous enough.

Churros! They are huge outside Madrid! Once you get into Madrid, they shrink in size. So YUM.

Tapas! I am not a fan of fish, so I take it from those who ate it (in a few seconds) that it was delicious.

Paella! They were surprised to learn that paella cooked in the Philippines takes HOURS. They cooked theirs in 20 minutes.

Patatas omelet! This was one of my favorites! Very delicious! I should learn how to make this….

I would show you the McDonald’s, Burger King, etc meals we took during WYD. But then, that wouldn’t be Spanish.

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