Spanish Food

Some glimpses of authentic (of course authentic, we are in the hinterlands of Spain) Spanish food.

Cafe con Leche at a bus stop. Nice strong coffee with creamy milk and some brown sugar. After 30 hours of travel, this was a wake-me-upper that tasted good.

Our breakfast table of sliced bread, salami, cold cuts, biscuits and a variety of juices.

And the hosted breakfast of toast, butter, jam and coffee.

Lunch at 2pm was a soup-based meal of lots of potatoes and some beef bits. It was rich and tangy. I definitely had seconds. The potatoes were soft to the bite, and the beef slid off the bone.

Dinner had 3 courses. And so sorry, but I skipped the first one. Macaroni salad with corn, crab and tuna. I am not a fan of fish cooked in that way, and the aroma engulfed me right away. Thank goodness for seatmates who eat what I pass them.

Course 2 was still fish but breaded. It was a pescao kind of day. It was good and crunchy. But again, I don’t take kindly to fish. The ensalata was a good side dish. And the strong onion and tomato (with pepper) combination helped a lot.

And the final meal was custard. They like having heavy meals for dinner. So they can walk around town afterwards. So full. Mucho gordo!

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