Work with the Poor

I brought my team to Navotas yesterday with the WWP team of Pat. We did a shoot for an upcoming project of FLiQ Media. Which looks awesome, by the way. But wow. Visiting sites really affects me.

I used to go to Bagong Silang in Caloocan everyday for Gawad Kalinga. For almost 2 years. And I helped build houses there. I went on builds and all that stuff. But going to a “ground zero” site always takes your breath away. Because of the rawness of the experience. And because of the rawness of the conditions there.

We are currently doing our part to ease the harshness in that area. But really, when you think about it, if the government just did it’s job… it would be so much easier and faster. They need to be reminded of the plight of their constituents even outside of an election year.

Nonetheless, the strength of the people in the area shows that there is still hope for a better future. And with people who help each other out because of a community of brotherhood and sisterhood, anything is possible. I thank God for my life and for my blessings, but I also thank God for the opportunity to meet people who go through life’s hardness with smiles and perseverance. And I thank God even more for the chance to help.



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  1. just visited your site, and i saw this write up, hope to bring you and your team to some more sites…very nice realization..enjoy spain!

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