The 10 Best Comic Books / Stories

I was recently surfing the net and came across X-Men: Schism. Which is basically splitting the X-Men into 2 teams. One led by Cyclops and the other led by Wolverine.It brought me to yeeeears ago when I used to collect comic books. I did from maybe 13 years old all the way to 22. I have boxes of comics at home. If ever I get the chance to have more shelf space, I’d get them and display them. They brought me into a wonderful universe 🙂 I won’t collect anymore, but I love re-visiting.

Here are my 10 Best Comic Books / Stories:

1. Dark Phoenix Saga. The rise of the Hellfire Club. Phoenix controlling Cyclops’ optic blasts. Her hunger for power ultimately sacrificing herself on the moon. Riveting. It is what got me into comics.

2. Doom Patrol under Grant Morrisson. SO WEIRD. The concepts and stories were so different that it was hard to put down. Brotherhood of Ga-ga. And all those new characters that popped up. And the different powers. How could you forget the naked women with an eye in the middle of her body? Amazing because it was so different and just didn’t fit in anywhere.

3. X-Men re-launched by Jim Lee. Just the drawings were enough to keep you. And you wonder how they actually got themselves into the costumes. Psylocke became the favorite, and her powers and ninja costume (even in the snow) was … wow.

4. New Titans by the team of Wolfman and Perez was unstoppable. They started with the whole Donna Troy saga. Where they went to the gods, and she found out who she was and got new powers. Then it continued with the kidnapping of the Titans and Cyborg getting blown up. Phantasm being born – when it was revealed he was just a kid. And all those twists and turns that make a story hard to put down. You didn’t know who was alive and who was dead.

5. Suicide Squad. Where the characters actually die. The fighting of consciences. The super heroes dying on missions. And such characters! They all had demons and all were fighting within themselves. I loved this series.

6. Legion of Super Heroes 5 years later. It was always hard to follow the Legion of Super Heroes. Too many of them all relegated to costumes and code names. 5 years later… they were all “normal” again and trying to rebuild. I picked it up and saw the “human” side of them. It was fun for a couple of years. And then they started getting complicated again.

7. Mutant Massacre. Angel pinned to the wall with darts. And mutants screaming all over the tunnels. What else can you ask for?

8. Psi-Force, and the New Universe. Yes, they didn’t last long. But this series in particular was interesting because it started with them being teenagers and confused… and then ended with them using their powers to it’s potential. It ended soon enough, though.

9. Fantastic Four. I can’t remember the run or the arc. But this was when the Thing had to wear a helmet. The Torch went super nova. The Skrull that the Torch married was pregnant. And the Invisible Woman got a costume unfit for a mother. But the drawings were good.

10. Avengers West Coast. It was supposed to be a parody series. But when the Vision was kidnapped, disassembled, put back together and memory erased. It became a good story. The Scarlet Witches children were proved to be figments of imagination, and she went crazy. Crazy witch = scary future.

Thanks comics. I can say I am more creative and … weirder because of you.

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