Before I talk about our HH, I just have to say: Like leader, like follower. You say you can sue us? We say we can pray for you. God bless you. Now to regular programming…

I currently have a HH of 7 men. We started having HH at our office, but lately we have gone house to house. From Manila to Taguig. Then we will be going to Sucat. Pasig. Cainta. Laguna. It really is an awesome “job” to be a HH servant. To prepare for discussions. Prepare meaning knowing where your members are coming from. And having a vision for where they should be going.

It’s also different since they are servant-leaders of the community. They go places, give talks, and are expected to “be” a certain way. So it is good to come together and share from that perspective. Of course, expectations shouldn’t be the basis of who we really “are”.

It was a fulfilling day. Service-wise. Work-wise. And even community-wise. Hearing stories of present-day oppression against our brothers and sisters from different parts of the world – from our “tukayos”, no less… makes the task to defend family and defend life even more urgent and important. We can’t be bogged down by those who are trying to drag us through the mud.

Thank God for friends. Thank God for community. Thank God for You.

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