The Holy Spirit knows Tagalog

It’s not a secret that my Tagalog needs a lot of improvement. Ok, more than a lot. But is it my fault? Well, yes.

I am probably the only person who got 60s as grades in Grade School. In Filipino and Araling Panlipunan. Just thinking of those subjects makes me cringe. I had to get a tutor and study my — off just to get a final grade of 75 to pass both subjects. But really, do people get 60s? I blame it on my previous school wherein I didn’t have to speak Tagalog.

In College I didn’t have to take Filipino 10. No humiliation there. And, mind you, I took 2 semesters of Philosophy in Tagalog. All I remember now is “kahon”.

But how could I live in the Philippines with such bad conjugation (though believe me, my relatives are worse)?

Because I don’t practice. I get embarrassed when I start making mistakes and people start looking weird-i-ly at me. So I switch to English and dazzle them with perfect tenses and subject-verb agreement. But it really is no excuse.

I have to practice, finally. The Holy Spirit definitely helped me out (putting it lightly) tonight. Who knew he could speak Tagalog. But I need to do my part as well. So the Spirit can teach me another language instead.

I have it in me. Just like politics and basketball. It just needs to find it’s way out.




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