Varekai in Manila

Varekai is awesome. Everyone should watch it. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it. Our whole family went to see the afternoon show today. The tent was maybe 3/4ths full. There was a whole section though that was empty. Sayang.

The costumes are great, the entertainment is great. There are some dragging parts, but overall it is a fun experience. The acts are … wow. Breathtaking. If you like aerial acts and a lot of jumping and bouncing, you’ll enjoy this.

We brought all 3 of our kids. Franko was antsy at the start, but got to behave towards the middle til the end. Sabine was wide-eyed opened the whole time. Though she was looking for the princess. Aida got antsy near the end, so I had to move to the empty section with her. Lo and behold, she was antsy because she wanted to copy the stunts. She started bending and hanging off the chair.

So I guess she liked it.

She even started hanging from things when we got outside too. Thanks a lot Varekia. Now I have to keep both eyes on her so she won’t jump off the bunk beds.

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