Whose Vision are YOU Following?

I just got home from a 3-day meeting. Literally, just got home because we slept over my parents’ house for the past 3 days. And for the celebration of the last day, had dinner in Amici Makati care of our spiritual director, Fr. Gustilo. He is awesome.

We got to talking today about FOUNDER and CHARISM. And how communities live by the charism of their founders. And how they struggle to figure out what their founder would do or say, if he was around today. Like what would Don Bosco say to the Salesians if he were around today? What advice would he give? What would his direction be for them?

We are blessed that our FOUNDER is very much alive and active. He has been from the start. From 1981. Every day. No holidays. Every hour.

We do not need to wonder about what he would say or do, because we can just ask him. He leads us where God tells us to go. And he provides guidance and direction when he feels we are going astray. That is awesome. I never thought of it that way. How he keeps the charism alive and in check, with his words and actions.

Other communities refuse to acknowledge their founder. And so end up arguing, jostling for position and politicking. Because then the direction is based on who is in power at the time. And when the new power player emerges, things change.

Charism is an awesome word. And it is given more meaning when you understand it in the context of Church history and founders. I am following my founder’s vision. Are you?


  1. May the Lord keep blessing, protecting and guiding our FOUNDER! We love you Tito Frank and thank you for all your guidance and immediate email responses whenever we would have inquiries. =) We are blessed for our FOUNDER. To GOD be the glory for giving us a Founder like Tito Frank. =)

  2. God bless the Founder and the Foundation of CFC FFL. May we all imitate tito Frank as he imitates Jesus Christ. For our charism to be strong and last forever, may we all think how he thinks, live how he lives. How? By reading all his books.

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